Gliders for the WHOLE family!

 My name is Tyler Cleckley. I am 18 and live in Stafford, Tx with my sugar gliders, Target the dog, Mickey the bird, and Kenzie the kinkajou. I will be going to school for Radiology in the spring. I adopted my first two gliders when I was 13. After having them for a year I wanted to experience having joeys. My first 2 joeys were oop September 22, 2005 during our evacuation of Hurricane Rita. It was a unique and exciting experience, and since then I have been hooked!  I have recently become more involved with the colors and genetics, but I never forget that my gliders are first and foremost my pets, and I expect anyone who adopts gliders from me to view them the same way. I strive to provide hand tamed, healthy, and pretty babies. If you ever have any questions, problems, or worries, I am only an email away.

I look forward to speaking with you!


Tyler Cleckley                                                                                                                                   GliderBoy Gliders