Gliders for the WHOLE family!


Here at GliderBoy Gliders we have a 48 hour policy. Your sugar glider must be seen by a veterinarian that is glider knowledgeable with in 2 business days of recieving your sugar gliders. You will know in advance the shipping date, so that you can schedule a veterinary exam in advance. Once seen by your veterinarian, please send us a copy of the veterinary record for us to keep on file. We ask for this even if your new joey gets a clean bill of health.

 Failure to follow our 48 hour policy will result in forteiture of our health guarantee.

 Health Guarantee

Our sugar gliders are guaranteed to arrive healthy. Should any parasites or illnesses be found upon you initial veterinary exam, we will pay for the medication to get them better.          Note- We do not cover the cost of test or the actual exam price.

 Should there be a health problem related to shipping(i.e. dehydration from heat), we need to be notified ASAP so the airlines can be notified as well. Extreme documentation will be needed to supply coninental with. This includes pictures of how dehydrated the gliders is, vet records, and a log of how often care is given.

 Should there be ANY problems we must be notified ASAP, no exceptions. Failure to notify us in a timely manner(12-24hours) will also result in forteiture of the health guarantee.

We also ask that we be notified when the gliders arrive, and after their first night. Timely updates are always appreciated and welcome!


Deposits on sugar gliders are NON-REFUNDABLE! We urge you to think through your purchases and make sure this is the glider for  you and your family.

 Payments made are also NON-REFUNDABLE, but are transferable to another sugar glider.

The only time refunds are an option is if the sugar glider you have falls ill while in our care. We then will give you two options, either to move payments and deposit to a new glider, or a full cash refund with in 6 weeks.


 Upon placing a deposit with GliderBoy Gliders you understand all of the above policies. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.